When you are too lazy to leave your apartment…

So today, I woke up late (yay!) and did not leave my apartment until 6pm. I promise you – I totally deserved it!! This week was a long one. A good one – but a long one. Mama needed rest!! With rest came laziness. I could not get off of my couch. I watched everything from La Bamba to Rudy – total tear jerkers, might I add! In the middle of crying, watching tv and sipping some tea – I started to develop a sweet tooth. I do need to mention a key factor in this sweet tooth development. Today was the first day it felt like Fall outside. My windows were open and AC was turned off! It got me craving cinnamon, apples and sugar and my candles didn’t cut it. (lol) So, with that being said – I searched through my kitchen and ended up making the BEST dessert ever. I cut up an organic gala apple, and sprinkled cinnamon and Stevia on top – popped it in the microwave for 2 minutes and voila! I was in heaven! You’ve gotta try it!! You’ll thank me later!! I call it sinless apple pie -tastes just like it but without all the calories! đŸ™‚

Sinless Apple Pie

Sinless Apple Pie

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